Diamond Drag Engraver Instructions

  • To use, install into a 1/2″ collect or end mill holder in your machine spindle.
  • Engage the diamond tip to the material and then move the spindle an additional 1/8″ closer to the material. Doing so compresses the preload spring ensuring the diamond tip is in constant contact with the surface being engraved.
  • Be sure to retract your tool fully between moves so as not to engrave unwanted surfaces.
  • Feedrates can exceed 100ipm with excellent results.
  • Next run your CNC engraving program with the spindle off.Tips
  • Because the diamond tip is telescoping uneven surfaces are evenly engraved eliminating faded characters or over engraved characters.
  • We recommend the stiff spring for metals and hard plastics and the soft spring for glass like materials and a starting compression of 1/8″.
  • The engraving groove width/depth can be tailored by simply changing the amount of tip compression and spring stiffness or both.
  • Proudly engineered and made in the USA!

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